Friday, October 06, 2006

satisfying work

yesterday was a busy day at work. for the last few weeks, the boys and i have been planning a shelving project, a big shelving project. boxed bikes and racks are big, heavy, and they need to go somewhere other than on the ground, so we needed shelves to hold them.

i started thinking about how exactly to do it. there isn't much room in the area we had planned for the project. we measured the largest bike boxes and went from there. i figured that the base of each shelf would be a 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood, and we would frame each piece with 2x4's and make the legs from the same.

on the trip to the ol' home depot, anthony and i quickly learned we are chuckleheads. had someone filmed us while we were getting the 2x4's, they could've spliced in curly or shemp and called it "the three stooges" and no one would've denied it.

once we got back to the shop, we got down to biz. corky alternately laughed and scowled, not sure that we knew what we were doing. actually, i only had an idea, and it had to be sorted out as we went along.

two things: wood is heavy. and, wood can hurt your head.

when we were done, it was somewhat of a masterpiece. there is now enough room for 20 or so boxed bikes and numerous other boxes on the top shelf. the kicker is that it is solid as a rock. no sway, no need to anchor it to the concrete wall.

i don't take credit for it, actually. the other guys came up with most of the key ideas that made it work so well. i just like being the catalyst.

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