Sunday, October 08, 2006

greensfelder, revisited

i'm going to retract my idea that yesterday was the nicest weather day of the year and replace it with today. today really did take the cake. beautiful. no other word describes it.

the beautiful mrs k and i started the day by ushering again at church. i didn't sport a tie, but i did tuck my shirt in. pooper was a great big hit with all the church goers, as usual. he was quite good today, and we didn't have to spend the sermon in the cry room.

my stomach howling for food, the mrs had a great idea...let's go out to lunch. how about duffs? it was such a great idea, that 100 other people beat us to it. duffs was quite crowded. her next idea...the marquee cafe in the chase park plaza. this turned out to be the idea of ideas, as the brunch was superbe. eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage, fruit, hashbrowns, yes!! pooper was once again a big hit. i was worried the waitress may take off with him if we delved too deep into the brunch plates.

guts full (mine probably moreso than deanna's) we rolled home. i wanted to go mtn biking sometime today, and deanna wanted to run some. a few chores later, i was suiting up and i thought about calling the kaiser to go with me. just then, the phone rang. esp, i guess? it was kaiser, asking me if i wanted to go mtn biking! greensfelder, 45 minutes. done~!

top down, mtn bike on my custom mustang hitch rack, public enemy in the cd changer...does it get any better?? the drive to greensfelder was almost as fun as the riding. i hadn't ridden the new trails that had been built around the old dogwood loop. dogwood used to be a dangerous, sorry excuse for a mtn bike trail. i rode there a lot in the old days, but abandoned it for other places that were more fun. a couple of loops of the new trail, though, and both kaiser and i have proclaimed dogwood the most fun trail in the area. we connected the dogwood with greenrock and met up with last saturday's race loop, only we did the race loop backward. i really like it backward, it flows so well and is amazingly fun.

kaiser, a member of the hemi of the week club, was sporting an almost new commander this week. that thing is big pimpin'. very cool, even if you don't like suv's. last week he showed up to ghisallo in a charger r/t, a black one. i think the vehicle before that was a durango, of course with a, we all remember what a hemi is, don't we? if he shows up mtn biking with an srt of any kind, even a grand cherokee srt, he may have to keep close eyes on the keys. maybe i'll let him have a ride on my new orbea oiz in exchange for a few minutes behind the wheel of next weeks hemi of the week???


Daniel B. said...

The weather was crazy nice today, eh? Almost unreal. Is Orbea a new line for Ghisallo?

Do you still have your Scott Scale 10 hardtail?? You liked it a lot, right?

tk said...

orbea is the new line at ghisallo. pretty neat stuff.