Saturday, October 07, 2006

yeee haw

this is perhaps the most beautiful day of the year. after a cccccold start, it's 66degrees and climbing.

the cccccold start really started early, with the 7:30am ghisallo ride. about 30 riders showed up, which is darned impressive for october in the cold.

the ride does an out and back, starting at the store and turning around at st. albans. the out part is gentle and keeps everyone in contact with the group. the back part is not gentle. after a bit of brutality on melrose climbing up from T, a strong group of guys put it down on wildhorse through the flats. it was fun! in the end, JT and Kyle and myself duked it out in a three-man rotation until we got back onto chesterfield airport road. i must admit to skipping one pull, for that i am ashamed. but, i climbed well. very fortunate to get to ride with my future teammates, who i'm going to be very proud of. i think we'll work well together.

great ride, even if my fingers and toes are still thawing.

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