Tuesday, August 29, 2006

finally finished it

we moved into our house in december of last year. it was cold, i didn't have much help, and deanna was pregnant so she couldn't help me move heavy stuff. all that meant my work bench and tool wall for my shop area had to be put up hastily. with everything that has gone on around here over the last 9 months, it stayed that way...a mess. i built and tore down umpteen bikes over that time, too. ug. i hate working in a mess. but, i finished it today, a positive consequence of being off work.

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Daniel B. said...

Looking good. And I've seen a few home bike shops in my day. I would say my brother has a good one in his basement, but it loses massive points because the stench from the nearby kitty litter box just ruins any initial cool points you might give it.

Where's the truing stand hiding?