Sunday, August 20, 2006

saturday workout

i don't mean a workout like you think i mean. saturday's are always a workout. we end up doing so much, especially when hanna comes up.

this saturday was a trip to the science center. what a cool place. mrs. k and i quietly confided in one another that we want to come WITHOUT the kids so we can check out all the cool stuff that the kids don't care much about.

after that we ate at subway. nothing like watching the girls working there lighting up in the back between sandwiches. ohhhh, niiiiiice.

moving right along, uncle keith came over to watch pooper so we could go on a training ride. now, a kakouris family training ride is pretty fun. we go anywhere from 5-8 miles these days. hanna has been learning to ride with only one hand these days. she learned to drink from a bottle while riding saturday!!! and, she pulls both of her hands off the bars super quick, too, just for fun. tyson has been learning how to pull out of the yard sales. or garage sales, as hanna calls them. see, he falls a lot. so, to keep him from freaking out, we make a big joke of it. for some reason, he thinks this is sooo funny. fine by me, laughs mean no tears. mrs. k did have to show hanna the meaning of speed a couple of times, as hanna is really into this racing thing these days. mrs. k even spotted hanna 50-60 yards and still caught the little goober.

it's so cool to see all the things the kids are learning. they are climbing hills, riding out of the saddle, mimicking dad's goofy sprinting style...i love it, i tell you.

uncle keith was to have an open house for mom's house on sunday, so after showering off the grime of the k-family training ride, i drove over to make sure it was clean and ready. there is always something to do to a vacant house. mow the lawn. sweep the dust off the floors. flush the toilets. open the windows, air it out. get the mail and the utility bills. i swept a little in the basement, opened up some new air fresheners...and called it a night. i wasn't about to spend more time hanging out, spit shining a vacant house while the kids were waiting for me to get home and tuck them in. some things in life are just more important.

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