Saturday, August 26, 2006

hanna's speedster

this is what hanna's bike looked like when we got it for her last year, a raleigh retro. she had only learned to ride without training wheels a month or so before we got this. she learned on the barbie bike, a 16" that her grandma bought for her. we got so many comments on the raleigh...people would stop as we rode through neighborhoods and ask where we got it, and more than a few older people commented that they had bikes like this when they were kids.

but, y'know, those fenders and kickstand and big balloon tires are heavy. and those wrap-around bars are kind of klunky, and that spring saddle is huge! hanna has been asking me to remove the fenders and make her bike lighter so she can pop wheelies. actually, she calls it a popawheelie. like, "dad, i can do popawheelies really good on conner's bike!"

so, with a few small purchases, we have the hanna-issue speedster:

1.35 tires (slicks, no less), no fenders, no kickstand, a double-clamp stem along with answer aluminum mini bars, and a racier saddle. probably took off 5 pounds.

really, she asked for it!

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Schvonzie said...

That Bike is going to be going crazy fast at the cup!!