Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ok, maybe one little race wouldn't hurt...

"whoa, dad's racing in the tuesday night worlds!!"

i don't really want to race these days. scratch that, it isn't true. i don't want to race poorly, nor do i want to feel as bad doing it as i have over the last 4-5 months. but, i really, really want to race. it's in my blood, what can i say?

i wasn't even thinking about racing tonight, but my good friend dan is in town this week. he and his sweetie are staying here with his family between the chicago races. we talked today and he was going to do the worlds, and i live close, so, you know, i raced.

it was painful. there was a frightful few minutes in the first part of the race where i thought i was going to need CPR. it passed, but needless to say i didn't do much heroics the rest of the race. it is not fun watching guys launch attacks and counters while gasping for air.

so dan won, and overall it was pretty fun. the beautiful mrs. k brought pooper along and i got to look over at them every lap, which always keeps me going. i'm getting a little desperate for answers. my blood test came back nearly perfect; no red flags, and i even have a pretty high hermatocrit level...47!! i must be doping!! i took 10 days off the bike. i've been going to physical therapy to try to open my chest up and get my back to be more flexible and less troublesome.

results so far? uuuummm, none.

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