Friday, August 11, 2006

new mulletmobile

gm says they will have the new camaro ready for the 2008-2009 model year. it sure is a looker. and, from gm's own reports, should be a screamer, too. essentially the ls-whatever engines similar to the corvette, as camaro's in the past have had.

my question is this: has gm learned why the mustang has cleaned the camaro's clock for the last 40 years? it isn't about speed...the camaro has almost always been faster than the fastest mustang (supercharged mustang versions excepted). no, it's not about speed. it is about personality.

the base mustang has always been a solid car that appeals to men and women, and accounts for 60 percent of the sales. 6 cylinder automatics. good looks. friendly. that doesn't describe the camaro very well. it was always too aero, too cramped, to man-ish. women were a very small part of camaro sales. hence, it's demise, and the mustangs continued popularity.

i love the camaro concept. but if gm can't get the base version to sticker for under $20 grand, and can't get women to love it, they may as well not bother.


cleeland said...

Which came first: the new camaro, or Lightning McQueen?

The bigger question: will there be a T-top option, and will there be a Firebird complete with giant Fenix-type bird on the hood? If so, that opens up the possibilities for all kinds of Hollywood remakes like Smokey & The Bandit and The Rockford Files.

tk said...

the mind reels at the possibilities....