Friday, August 18, 2006

changes happen

in february of 1995, i asked mike at big shark for a job. i told him i just needed part time, something to pay the bills for a while.

11 years and 6 months later, i'm still working for him. but, not much longer. i gave my notice, and my last day at the shark will be the 25th of this month. the wife and i are excited for me to follow an opportunity.

i'll miss big shark. lots of things have happened during the last 11 years. enough things to fill a lifetime, really. i met so many cool people, learned so many valuable skills and learned so many valuable lessons.

i wish everyone there the best of luck, and i hope that i have made the same impressions on them as they have made upon me.


Daniel B. said...

Whatever your new endeavors; you know we got your back! And by we, I mean me!

tk said...

thanks, DB!

Ted M. said...

wow, tk -- it's hard to imagine you not at the shark. best of luck with your new endevour -- ted

tk said...

thanks, ted.