Monday, August 21, 2006

bmx, only not

my friend todd and i were talking the other day about rc cars. he used to have some pretty cool ones when we younger. actually, he always had the latest toys...the new walkman, cool stereos for the car, nice bikes. i usually got his biking cast-offs, which was great because my dad was always complaining about the money we spent on bmx stuff.

one day in may or june, i was coming back from a ride in jeff co along marshall road. on the river side of the road, there were tons of race vehicles parked in a big lot. there was an anouncer, and all kinds of activity. it MUST be a bmx race, i thought. even the trucks had racing logos.

only, they weren't bmx racing logos. i got off my bike and walked it up to the edge of the fencing that lined the track...these were off-road rc cars, racing on a 1/4 scale bmx track! i was blown away. i must've had my mouth hanging open watching some of the cars battle it out over the jumps, because a nice guy came up and asked me if i had ever seen this before. i said no, and told him how similar it was to bmx racing, only with little, fast, motorized off-road cars. he said that his son raced bmx, and that's why he and his whole family came out to race these too. crazy. it seemed like a family affair all around the track, with the kids doing a lot of the driving, the dads doing the tuning, and mom tending to the pit area.

super cool. and i bet my dad wouldn't have been so upset at the cost of my bikes and gear if he had checked out some of the price tags on the rc cars.

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