Sunday, August 13, 2006

call me mountain man

an electric chainsaw sounds like a toy. i mean, real chainsaws are load, noisy, dangerous, and weilded by bearded guys named paul. but, let me tell you, electric chainsaws work.

i still had all the deadfall in the back yard from the storm a couple of weeks ago. i had cleared the front, but had no time (or will) to do the back. the beautiful mrs. k had told me that her brother had this electric chainsaw. i had visions of toy saws and perhaps cutting up some twigs with it. not so. plugged up to an extension cord, this little bad boy can cut some mean branches with ease. the wife and i had the back yard cut and cleared in no time. TEN FULL BAGS WORTH!!

sometimes progress is pretty cool. other times, it's pretty geeky. i like this geeky little bit of progress.

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