Monday, August 21, 2006

i like this

you know you're getting old when a minivan-like thing is something you're interested in. this may be what the 2008 ford fairlane will be like. more stylish than the rolling testament to bad detroit engineering (freestar/windstar/aerostar), the fairlane is said to employ the new duratec 3.5l, 265hp v6 and more than a small dose of driving excitement. 3 row seating for 8, choices of hose-out interior or luxurious leather, or complete removal of all seats for true panel-van utility. it may be show-car hype, but a vehicle whose time has come.

the kaiser drives a minivan, and it's a darn handy device. i'm forever hitching a ride to the races out of town with him. lunch is usually on me, which is a fair tradeoff for the utility of his 200,000+ mile caravan.

now, if i could have one of these AND a sporty something-something convertible in the garage, THAT would truly be automotive nirvana.

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