Friday, August 11, 2006

two door fusion

this is an artists rendering of ford's two door fusion, which has been given the go ahead for production by 2008-2009. if it makes it to production without being watered down too much, i think it would be a hit. the heavy, cramped mustang is currently ford's only real car with two doors. (my apologies to focus owners, but c'mon...) the fusion would be lighter, have a much bigger back seat, and certainly quicker than the porky mustang with the ancient 4 liter v6. the fusion would sport the soon-to-be-ubiquitous 3.5 duratec, with 265hp. if it came with a manual transmission, it would be one fast, fun semi-practical car.

and with rumored direct injection, it could also be economical. the 3.5 is supposed to be 15% more fuel efficient than the 3.0 duratec. that would be quite a feat. i have the 3.0 in my mazda6, and with only 221hp, it gets 20mpg city, and 25 hiway. i could certainly handle an extra 40+ horsepower AND get better milage.

don't screw this one up, ford.

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