Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow in st. louis

it's debatable as to whether being at work is a worthwhile venture today.

st. louis doesn't normally get a ton of snow during any given winter. there is always the 1 to 2 inch annoyance that sends all of the drivers into a tizzy, but not a whole lot of significant snow fall. not like when i was a kid. i remember 1982, it was like north dakota here. and there is the obligatory ice and sleet. again, not a whole lot, but it doesn't take a whole lot of ice to turn st. louis into a large cold parking lot.

a few years back, when i had the silver 95 mustang, i experienced the full effect of icy roads and low profile tires, together with loads of torque and a bad driver. i backed out of my downhill driveway and continued backward. and backward. i eventually ended up two streets over as i kept sliding backward. my car was a block down, a block over, and another block down in some bushes on the side of the road. the next day, as i was again trying to extract my slippery eel of a car from the bushes, my next door neighbor walked by on a peaceful winter walk and suggested that he could push. i looked at his 60+ frail physique and said, uhhhh, no. he insisted. so, i fired up the bomb and he pushed. almost by magic, the car moved. and moved. and made it up to my driveway! i got out and asked what in the world he had done. he wasn't even breathing hard. he said he just walked beside me with his palm on the fender and barely pushed.

stupid mustangs.

today was no such adventure. the frizee style just plodded along like any other day, avoiding knuckle heads in mustangs and other poor-choice autos.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you got a Hummer. Vehicle that is.