Saturday, January 24, 2009

my jerseys, edition seven

these are the two different styles of uscf state championship jerseys that i have gotten over the years. the first version is plain and simple, and that's the version given out through most of the 90's i believe. they didn't always give jerseys, they used to give medals. the next jersey is quite cool, and it became the standard later on during the 2000's.
i have no idea which jersey is for what state championship. i used to write on the backs of the medals so that i would know, but i just never did it for the jerseys. all said, i have 10 uscf championships under my belt:
cyclocross: '92, '95, '97, '98, and '99
masters road: '00, '01, and '02
masters crit: '99 and '00.
notice how there are no road p/1/2 victories? exactly.
i have one of the jerseys and the corresponding medal framed. it's from the '98 state cross race at love park. it was framed for me, because of all the things i have won in my racing career, it's the one that brings back the least fond memories. it's the last thing i would have preserved in a frame. nonetheless, it looks great hanging in hanna's room.

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Sam Moore said...

Hey I have some of those!