Saturday, January 31, 2009

happy birthday hanna!

hanna is nine years old today. nine years ago, most of you were watching the rams win the 2000 superbowl, and i was watching my beautiful girl being born. for this occasion, kerri at whip't cream in chesterfield valley whipped up these fantastic cup cakes.
eli was in attendance for the celebrations, and he's mean as a snake. here, while eating mini pizza's, he shows me his "i'm not going to be nice even for sissy's birthday" look. he was actually pretty good tonight.

the birthday girl. she loves a good party, and brought along a couple of her friends to spend the weekend with.

everyone cheezing for the camera. the boys did pretty good tonight, despite girls taking over the house. and, it's only 12:30am and everyone is already asleep. spot on, hanna!

time to open presents. hanna has such a wide variety of interests that it's easy to get gifts for her. and, she has such a great disposition that she loves almost anything she gets. the beautiful mrs k can be credited for this fine celebration, as well as the gifts that eli and tyson "picked out" for hanna. happy birthday, hanna!

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