Friday, January 09, 2009

my jerseys, edition three

Team X
in 1995, i missed out on the local diamond back mountain bike sponsorship to a better rider (ep, who else?) and i was not too happy about it. i mean, it was getting a little old changing teams and sponsors because they changed their minds about how to spend their money. so i got together with a couple of my riding buddies, ethan and chris, and we formed team x. actually, another guy who didn't even race was in on it with us at first, the infamous rob menendez (no relation to the menendez brothers), but it was fun to have him around anyway. we took a few plain white pearl izumi jerseys down to the local print shop and had some jerseys printed. we thought that they were so cool! we were soooo cool!
hmmm. it looks quite amateur now, doesn't it? actually, i think we knew it looked amateur then, too, but we were cool, dammit!
so chris, ethan and i tore up the local scene as much as we could and things looked up later with a couple of real sponsors and a little real money. that's another story for another jersey, for sure.


Chris said...

That nice, white jersey looked good for about half a race. It was so before it's time. Now look at all the teams running white. Don't they know that was so 95?

TK said...

that's what i keep telling everyone, but they won't listen. team x was SO cutting edge.