Saturday, January 10, 2009

power or lack of challenge

dj power master devlin mcd oversees the mix

i had a stellar power test today. it wasn't earth shattering, but i put up a personal best by far, backed up by my own powertap. the numbers were within ONE WATT between the computrainer and the powertap, so that's great confirmation. deanna also had a great run, quite a bit more wattage than her first attempt. that's progress!

we had a lot of fun with the crew that showed today for the event. zac stein even showed up to let us know that young skinny people can be really powerful, too. and two women, both under 115 pounds, put up shockingly high numbers. wow.


Chris said...

For God's sake.....who's bike is THAT???

TK said...

i'm a man of many resources.

Dan Schmatz said...

Nice ride, I saw your numbers, if what I have been telling you isn't clear now it never will be.