Thursday, January 22, 2009

fun morning at castlewood

i dragged my sick, tired butt out to castlewood this morning. i have my famous cough back, par for the course these days. it seems like i reacquire my sinus infection every six weeks. i'm waiting this one out, as it seems to be more allergy inspired than bacterial/viral. if you find me dead with a massive sinus hemorrhage, i was wrong.

anyway, the 'wood was devoid of other riders. just me and some guy running the trail that i must have crossed paths with 6 or 7 times. the trails were in spectacular shape, and the jet was doing me right over all of them.

i did a route that was near and dear to my heart a lot of times last summer, one that had six climbs per lap and took roughly 51 to 53 minutes to do. today i did one lap in 53 minutes and then rode around leisurely for another 30. i was pleased with my climbing and very happy with my bike handling, especially for january. i didn't even get cold, which was good. the trail began to get a few dark spots by 10:30am, but i don't know if it was going to go into full thaw mud goo mode or not.

i REALLY want to get into my routine again of getting off road at least twice a week.


hanna kakouris said...

hey dad love you

TK said...

hey sweetie, i love you!