Saturday, January 03, 2009

running stairs and riding bikes

since no one in the house was too interested in waking up this morning, i suited up and rode the homegrown over to my favorite set of stairs for a little cross training. stair running was a part of my weekly regimen for 20 years, but it slowly lost out do to time and proximity to stairs. i like to do them because they work a lot of muscles that don't normally get worked, and it's always good to have a little impact to keep the bones and joints solid.

it was only a little chilly this morn, so i continued on after my brief stair encounter. the whole deal only totaled an hour and some change. good enough, as everyone was awake when i got home.

later in the day, kids fully in control of the homestead, i headed back out on the homegrown. it was very wet although not raining, so there was no way i was getting the orbea out. wow, it was warm! i rode into kirkwood and back on grant's trail. again, an hour and some change, but putting both rides together i accomplished one good ride!

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