Sunday, January 04, 2009

eli and the birthday party

one of eli's girlfriends invited him to her birthday party today. she's a much older girl, but we won't dwell on that. one of the party favors was this dragon. it's so fitting because he's so obsessed with dragons now. so i make up dragon stories for him as bedtime stories. he WILL NOT go to sleep without at least one. mostly two. he says "one big, mean dragon story and one little, itty, bitty, tiny, nice dragon story.
he also got a more traditional party favor, a blowy thing. i cracked up when he said it because i knew exactly what he was talking about. blowy thing is about the best name for it, i guess. does anyone know what these things are really called??

hanna has seen it all before and would rather go back to playing with her new ipod touch. boy, i'd better watch those itunes bills.....

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