Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PRP - Platelett Rich Plasma Injections

after giving a pint of blood, then you have to give fat. they practically liposuction it out. i asked them to take more, but they didn't need it and it hurt anyway.
they mix the blood and the fat into a magic machine and then they put it into syringes and pump it deep into the joint or tissue in question. it felt like a lead weight. and, it hurt.

four times around the shoulder. the front was the worst, with all the soft tissue. sort of like a burning, twisting feeling. it's made worse by the pressure. now it's all very sore. they are not shy in telling you that it will hurt ALOT tomorrow.

i estimate that i will be crabby tomorrow.
i'm just sayin'.


Jeremie said...

so who did that procedure?

TK said...

crane clinic sports medicine in chesterfield.

Jeremie said...

Crane did my knee with a similiar procedure. It healed my 2cm tear in record time.

Dan Schmatz said...

ummmm.... When we were talking you didn't mention this.

Hope your doing ok

TK said...

it's all good. i'm not nearly as bad off as i could've been.

the combination of this and a cold and a stomach bug has me pretty laid out, but the shoulder is not too bad.