Thursday, January 01, 2009

racing lawnmowers, pants optional

eli got a new mower for christmas, even though it was i that needed one. how fair is that? he has a fascination for mowing our comforter. for some reason, he has on no pants.
he likes to race it, too. he would start at the wall in our room and jam down the hallway. he was reckless and dangerous.

he did crash near his room. laughter was evidence that the crash was moderate and no damage to the mower or child was apparent.

sprinting back down the hallway toward the cameraman was a hair raising experience. now i know how professional photographers feel while working in race car environments, minus the gassy smell.


Dan Schmatz said...

Working in that diaper environment may be worse than the race car fuel!

Lawnmowers said...

Haha he looks very cute with his mini lawn mower. You just got to get him to do outside!