Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my jerseys, edition six

this jersey is from 1998. while 1997 was an incredible year for me, 1998 slowed way down. i wasn't going much worse on the bike, i just didn't get to as many races. i don't remember why, it was just a non-traveling kind of year. i got 4th place at the norba national in redwing, but other than that, i was home bound. so, i did a lot of the tc norba state series races. the series ended at st. joe state park in october. there were only 4 experts that day, which is horrible, but they were the usual suspects, myself, sam moore, and my buddy chris, and someone else who escapes me. it was cold and wet that day, but i got this jersey for the years (and the days) efforts. it's a very fetching jersey, another of which i have never pulled on.

a side note: i have never worn or raced with any state (or series) championship jersey. i find it impolite.


Anonymous said...

"i find it impolite."

Interesting. Wearing one, current or past, on a group ride does seem impolite, but how can it be considered so when solo (nobody around to offend)? Current jersey holders should be obligated/honored to race with them - just my opinion.

TK said...

for myself, i consider it boastful. the moment you are handed a medal or a jersey, you must again prove you deserve it. so, at least for me, i start over at that moment and wearing the jersey is wishful thinking. i have never felt ill will toward anyone wearing theirs, though. it's an accomplishment that most people want to cherish and be proud of. for some reason, it feels like bad luck/karma/boasting when it's on my back.