Thursday, January 08, 2009

my jerseys, edition two

in 1991, aluminum bikes and suspension forks and push button shifters were all the rage. bridgestone was against all that stuff, and they had really thoughtful steel bikes that were light and fast. i hooked up with the midwest bridgestone rep and for 1991 and 1992 i raced on the grassroots team. those were the days of racing with brent hanlin, tom albert, the human bomb, kevin koch and dan libby and traveling the roads of middle america for the most obscure mtn bike races. ohio, indiana, iowa, michigan, kentucky...and some of the races were no more than cow paths in fields. bridgestone pulled out of the usa eventually and some of the remnants of that movement can be found in rivendell bicycles and grant peterson, then the head honcho at bridgestone usa.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying these jerseys and the stories behind them. Keep 'em coming.

TK said...

glad you like it, ted. it's fun trying to remember them in context.