Tuesday, January 06, 2009

my jerseys, edition one

over the next few weeks, i figured i'd take you and i down memory lane. over the last 21 years of adult racing i've raced for many teams and worn many jerseys. i've also won a few. so, i'll start out with my earliest.the Midwest Mountain Bike Club (mmbc) was formed in 1988 by margo carroll and jennifer zuenner. they were bmx racers from even before my day, and they were early adopters to the whole mtn bike thing. they put on races in the winter, when roadies and the like took off from regular road stuff and took to the trails for cross training and relief from the cold. the races were a huge hit and our local mtn bike scene grew from this very entity. this jersey is from 1989, where i won the series, battling it out with guys like russ murphy (who was a helluva mtn bike rider).
looks tattered and torn, eh? here's the kicker: i never wore it. actually, i didn't know they gave it out at the last race because i had to leave before awards. our very own mike weiss was there and picked it up for me. trouble was, he just started wearing it instead of getting it to me. a few days after i started working for him in 1995 he remembered he had it. he finally handed it over and it still smelled of sweat. thanks, mike.

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