Friday, May 09, 2008

worn out

7 days of work can wear a couple out. actually, mrs k is going on 13 days straight after tomorrow. she's been working a lot of the extra curricular activities for the shop, i.e., tour de stooges, ms150 training ride, kids camps, etc. hopefully, tomorrow will the the last of these things for a while so we can regroup.

the server went down at work on tuesday night. it was out until today. that means the ordering and entering and general communication has been down, too, right as business is really ramping up. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i have a cold. i usually don't get colds. i get pneumonia. bronchitis. stomach flu. bird flu. asian flu. broken bones. but not an average cold. they are really not as bad as they are made out to be, especially for a guy like me who normally goes big when i get ill. a few sniffles. a lot of kleenex. some coughing here and there.

i'm not racing the mtn bike race tomorrow. someone wake me up when it's 99 degrees and steaming hot and i'll race again.

eli is setting all time annoyance records. maybe it's because me and the beautiful mrs k are stressed from work and everything else, but he is a living holy terror! aaaaaah!

on the bright side...hmmm...searching...searching...ok, uh, well....


Dan Schmatz said...

"on the bright side...hmmm...searching...searching...ok, uh, well...."

You have an awesome family and friends that care about you and the pendulum will swing soon and you will be happy.

TK said...

why is it that every time i get to feeling sorry for myself someone has to come and give me a reason not to?

thanks. you're right.