Sunday, May 25, 2008

tough rides and bbq's

geoff wolf with his new grill master on the ghisallo patio today.....
to compensate for not having a crit today in chesterfield, the ghisallo racing teams bumped the prize money for the tt and promised a barbque at the store today. and on top of that, a couple of group rides beforehand.

our group ride was the "fast" one. oh, yeah. it was fast. stefano, the wicked fast brazillian sensation, stayed in town to help us out with that. and so did dan. and just for fun, austin came, too. as well as schvonzie and a few other local heros. even our very own furby showed up, proving that he's not just good looking, but fast!

we did a variation on a wednesday night beatdown route, using many of the wildwood climbs and scenic routes. when stefano wasn't ripping our legs off on the flat ground, he was ripping our legs off on the climbs (still on his tt bike!!!). it was a great group that was quite game to keep the pace up. i had my hands full with young austin, who is another level better than me on climbs. i went so hard on some climbs i may have busted an artery. and just as we'd crest those climbs, stefano would get tired of lollygagging behind us and blow past. next level stuff. add to that dan's counter attacks (and schvonzie and mitch the masher's as well), it was quite a ride.

once back, the bbq was in full swing. tons of people showed up for burgers and hotdogs and wavy lays. and beer. yes, you missed out on a lot if you didn't show up at the "we ain't havin' no crit so you's guys come for bbq" extravaganza.

crowds gone and mess cleaned up, mrs k got her ride in by riding home while i took tyson and kevin in the family truckster.

never a dull moment here. no sirree.

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