Saturday, May 17, 2008

hanna's first triathlon!

when we told hanna about the st. alban's kids triathlon, she was very excited. ok, let's do it! the beautiful mrs k had already made arrangements to be at the event with some ghisallo gear, so she dragged eli out as well with a car full of goods. here is hanna next to her transition spot, the orange speedster still in effect. yes, it's too small. but she was all smiles and very nervous!
she had the very last wave to get into the pool. that meant we waited around a loooong time, which just made her more nervous. she swims, but only for enjoyment and a tan. the 4 lengths of the pool represented a very long task for her. we cheered her on and she finished the swim. she was so cute in a swim cap and goggles.

she was understandably slow in the transition area, but she finally got that jersey on and mounted the speedster. i was so happy that she kept going, because she wasn't happy about the swim. she showed that never say die spirit of hers and got a move on.

she mounted the bike and sped out onto the 3 mile bike course. yes, the bike is too small. yes, it was the absolute wrong bike for 3 miles. we're working on it. the good news is, she did great and came back all smiles for the run. i talked her through the transition and out she went.

a little water break on the .5 mile run. it's tough for kids to get this all together, and it was great to see her keep moving. i even got her to run full bore as the finish line approached. i drank her remaining water in that cup.

she was mobbed at the finish by the volunteers. i was so proud of her, and very relieved. it's very hard to not be concerned about them when they're doing something like this. it's a lot of work for a youngster.

she was very glad to be done. she got her medal and we all drove to steak and shake for, what else? burgers and shakes!


neumann said...

That is awesome! What a trooper. I know you're both super proud of her.

TK said...

yeah, she rocks!