Friday, May 02, 2008

we're multiplying

my friend dan sent this photo of his wife pulling their little boy around in a new trailer. it got me to thinking...just how many cyclists do i know that now have children?

lots. it's the natural progression in life. even for self-centered, egotistical people (like cyclists tend to be!), some day real life bashes you across the forehead like a rusty fence pole and there you wagon!!

it's a comforting feeling knowing that others are building families, too. is it a lonely feeling that you get when you feel like your buds are all doing exactly what they want, when they want, and starting to drop you on easy rides? well, maybe. maybe a little bit. just as much i think, it's just having them on the same playing field as you. meaning that they understand you a little more when they have the same sorts of things going on. the left out, lonely feeling isn't necessarily because they're having "fun" and you're not. that left out feeling is one that they just don't understand you anymore because you've gone and gotten yourself a family. hell, some of them even stop calling you because they don't think you have anything in common anymore. (and some stop calling because you never remember to call them back....don't know anything about that...)

but, it changes when they start the family. then, you start hanging out and talking about your kids AND cycling, instead of just cycling. and isn't that a REALLY nice thing to look forward to?

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