Monday, May 05, 2008


sunday was a hectic day all around. the beautiful mrs k and i packed up early and went to the store for the MS150 training ride. the MS people did all of the tent setup and whatnot, but we had to open the store to take care of the cycle crazy throngs of people.

and there were throngs. i think 400 showed up, plus the average customers who had no idea there was a ride going on. we were busy from 11am all the way up until 6pm or so. we had only planned on being there until 3pm, but with the crowds still hanging about, there was no cutting out early.

deanna and corky stayed the longest to close up so i could get my ride in. i had long intervals slated, then the long ride home. i had to get crackin'. and crack it i did. i had never had such power for so long. it was kind of crazy. i bested my 10-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute personal bests. wow. and i didn't even go over my preset heart rate. some days you bite the bear...

then the ride home. the chill was getting into the air by the time i rolled out of chesterfield valley towards home. i was spent, for sure, but i still had some umph in me. as i neared home, the umph was gone. i was pretty pleased with the 3+ hours and my PR's.

and mrs k even had some dinner waiting for me.

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