Friday, May 09, 2008

pausing from mpg

taking a little time out from my recent ventures into more fuel efficient cars, i drifted back to some of my favorite gas guzzling classics from yesteryear. what a beauty. the 1963 thunderbird. too big, too heavy...yeah. but beautiful.
another personal luxury car from the middle sixties, the riviera. this is a 65 model with the headlights housed in the points of the front fenders, my favorite riv. fantastic futuristic interior for the time with a console that would make captain kirk jealous.

in my mind, THE classic car. dad had one, the 1965 galaxie 500. don't see many in black. mean grill looks like it will eat small children. the dash is strewn with chrome...every button, switch, lever and knob, and it had the cool quarter windows on the front doors.

66 fairlane, the kinder, gentler, 7/8th galaxie. i was THIS close to buying a red 289 HiPo 4spd in 1987. cooler heads prevailed and i went to another semester of college....

of the big pony years (71-73), the 71 Boss is the high water mark. the back window on these things is so angled as to be almost flat, or parallel to the ground. styling may seem archaic today, but they were willing to take risks in those days that we just don't see now.
we'll return to $126 barrels of oil next week, but for tonight i'll just wander down memory lane.

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