Friday, May 16, 2008

busy, busy, and we're not bees

the uptick in weather (notice i didn't say good only gets a passing grade from me right now...) has produced a massive influx of biz at the store. we're struggling to keep up. schvonzie, fast, efficient, and nearly hairless, has taken the mechanics area to a new level, but still can't pump it all out. devlin and myself are getting greasy a lot, and even corky has pulled on the mechanics gloves over his manicured hands a few times. jumbo has proven to be worth his weight in semi-precious metal during this onslaught of biz. the girls are selling kids bikes by the dozens. i know, i know, to have such problems!

it was quite a day for visitors today. luke (i'm not your father) came by help schvonzie install his custom bb30/srm hollowgram cranks into his thf team orbea. the kaiser came by for his usual friday visit. schvonzie's wife came to missouri to get him in check (and i hope she tames the irritable bowel syndrome he has acquired...) we saw triathletes by the dozen due to memphis in may being this weekend. jfp picked up his new 29'er. it was nuts!!

i was thinking about a relaxing weekend, but it's not going to happen. for one, i plan on attempting the hellbender road race sunday. and we have some big kids events on tap for tomorrow. and the grass in my back yard is a foot high!

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