Monday, May 12, 2008

ride from work

struggling as we are with scheduling, the beautiful mrs k and i made a nice ride happen today. we got the sitter for an hour so we could ride home from work together.

nice weather, oh yes. it was a gorgeous ride after a nicely productive day at work. schvonzie joined us, adding a bit of comic relief to our trek home. traffic was nice, too. things just turned out very well. we got in a workout and enjoyed a little adult interaction at the same time.

when we got home, eli was running a fever and fell asleep on my shoulder while i was eating a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. we gave him some tylenol for his fever, then, whoop! he was a raging lunatic again and he JUST now went to sleep, at 11:17pm.

...but the RIDE was good!!!

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