Sunday, May 04, 2008


what a blah day. it was rainy and cold in the morning, yet it didn't stop the beautiful mrs k from supporting the tour de stooges ride in illinois. she got up exceedingly early, and she, kevin, and chris drove the ghisallo church van to sag and support the ride. i didn't do anything near that nice.

i put in bulbs. the new fluorescent things to save money. and killed bees. oh, yeah, the pest company didn't kill my bees and then told me that they might be able to if i paid them more money. yeah, and i have a bridge i'll sell ya. i'll just spray bee killer in their little hole in the tree until it's coming out of their eyeballs.

i rode my mountain bike around town. i was in no mood to do anything else. it ended up being a good ride anyway, and it was a good chance to work out the bugs.

then, mrs k, eli, and i went to bandana's. oh, i just love that place. mmmm. nothing says redneck more than bar b que and cold ice tea. except maybe a guy on a ladder in his back yard spraying bee killer into a tree....

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