Sunday, May 11, 2008

saturday night movies, mothers day

saturday night, after enduring yet another round of rain and storms, we took the boys to see speed racer. i was pretty excited to see it, and tyson was really jazzed. eli was continuing along his recent path of breaking our will to live. he fell asleep moments before arriving at the movie theater, naturally, so i had to heft his pudgy little body into the theater. he woke up as the previews started rolling, and seemed to have a good time. too good. about 2/3 through, i had to call it quits and go into the lobby with him. so, i missed the ending. oh, well. it was a little to sci-fi for me anyway but it was fun.

for mother's day we were hoping to have an enjoyable time, but eli woke up extremely early and put the kibosh on that. eventually, we ended up having a nice day for mrs k and grandma over dinner.

the weather? not even worth talking about.

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