Thursday, May 22, 2008

instead of a beatdown

i took it a bit easy last night. instead of the usual wednesday night beatdown, i did a long warm up and some short intervals. jillian joined me for the warm up. she actually came for the beatdown ride, and was a bit bummed when i told her no dice.

so we rolled out into one of the nicest evenings i can remember in st. louis. light wind, 70's, sunny, just perfect. i think it would have been a shame to waste such a night on a violent beatdown. it may have been slightly rude to throw in the intervals, too, but they had to be done to prepare for the weekends festivities.

i'm still fighting this upper and lower respiratory thing. i have a very small phlegm factory pumping at full steam, which isn't pleasant. perhaps it's allergies, but probably not. i have young'uns around to make sure i'm bathed in every form of germ and virus known to man. i suppose i should be lucky i haven't contracted mad cow or the bubonic plague.

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