Monday, May 05, 2008

other FWMR's

tops on any persons FWMR (family worthy mini rod) list should be a subaru. always practical and always offering a hot rod version, the subaru family of cars is very worthy. first up is the forester XT. it offers up a 2.5 turbo 4 with enough scoot to satisfy speed freaks, and all wheel drive to back up the power. seating for 5, a real cargo bay, and lots of utility. the one downside may be mileage. subie's are not known for mileage, certainly not in the turbo models. actually, another downside may be price. even used, the sale prices hold their own. it's hard to get one in the low 20's. good choice, though, perhaps not a perfect one.
my redneck roots are showing, as this modern day el camino has been a closet favorite of mine. the BAJA's roots are in the 70's with the super lame Brat, but it's all modern for the millennium. this is actually a legacy 4 door with the rear end of the car configured like a mini pickup. this too, is offered in an XT version with a turbo 4 and all wheel drive. the rear bulkhead actually folds through so the "bed" is extended into the cabin of the car. somehow, i just think this would be useful. again, fun, utility, roomy seating for 5, and space. downside, again, is the mileage. prices on the baja's, however, don't follow the foresters, as most people wouldn't be caught dead in this thing, hence it's two year life span. not perfect, but not a bad choice.

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Ryan said...

Suba rules! The perfect wolf in sheeps clothing