Sunday, May 11, 2008

back and forth

the beautiful mrs k and i russled up the kids and loaded the freestyle up to it's rafters so that we could be at the st. alban's kids triathlon practice on saturday morning. it wasn't easy. eli refuses to cooperate and we're just tired. i had decided on friday to bag the mountain bike race because i'm just sick of weather. screw mud, screw cold, screw it. call me when it's 90 degrees and let's go race.

anyway, we got to beautiful st. alban's and set up the ghisallo tent and began checking over bikes for the kids. they were getting their instructions on course, transition technique, clothing choices, and strategy. there were a good 20+ kids there. tyson was sort of into the whole thing, but balked at the transition stuff and just rode his bike a little and played with eli in the sand.

i took the opportunity to ride after the event was over. i brought all my riding gear so that i could take the long way home from st. albans. up bassette, right on old manchester, across to OO, through pacific, up allenton, right on melrose, up woods, manchester again to old state, pierside to reis.

i stopped in at the 'wood to talk with friends at the mtn bike race. they were mud splattered but most were happy. i was happy not to have done it. i saw some friendly faces like jim sullivan, jfp, chris ploch, mr. breslin, and the whole seagal crew. the seagal clan are a great bunch. those guys know how to have fun with racing, an idea i should really follow myself. after rapping with the expert guys, i was off on the final leg towards home. i was offered the wonderful can of pbr you see in the photo from team seagal, which i put in my pocket for home consumption. the extra 12oz in my jersey just added to my great hill workout. thanks guys!!!

it was windy, which made the ride seem harder than the 50 miles of hills would suggest, but i did burn through 2500k's which is nice.

if i had raced today, i would have done well. i don't know what well means, but my legs were very, very good.

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