Monday, July 30, 2007

Pantera, Pantera

funny how this should come up on autoblog today. seems like someone somewhere just can't get the childhood images of a bad ass exotic car out of their head and wants to create a modern de tomaso pantera. faithful recreation, i must say, and quite delicious.
i say it's funny because there has been a yellow '73 like this one rumbling around the valley lately. i was minding my own business when my ears were treated to that '60's muscle car v8 sound. upon turning my head, i saw the yellow car and instantly knew that it was no sissy lamborghini or ferrari multicam v8, but a genuine ford cleveland, inside the gorgeous de tomaso bodywork.

de tomaso was another one of those european manufacturers that sought engines elsewhere and came up with the ford 351c, similar to the high winding boss 351 engine. it takes a minute upon seeing a pantera to realize that it is not a ferrari, not a lambo. the sight is also accompanied by the sounds of a classic mustang or fairlane, so more adjustment is necessary. but, if you see one, keep looking. it only takes a minute to figure out that it is something special.

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Anonymous said...

There is a guy that shops at the bike shop here in Dayton that has a red one. He went over it with us and let us check out the engine and such. Pretty cool. I had never heard of that type of car before but some of the older guys at the shop were drooling all over themselves.

He had a "I Eat Ferrari's for Breakfast" liscense plate holder that he bought since one of his buddies owns one. :)

Dan Tille