Monday, July 23, 2007

blast from the past

in 2000, i raced for the schwinn homegrown team. it was a grassroots thing, so i wasn't exactly factory sponsored or anything. but i had a great year, winning the AMBC race here, as well as the AMBC race in kentucky and even the finals at Tour De Wolf in memphis. one of my best years.

my homegrown was a pretty peice of work. i sold it to a friend of mine. well, that friend brought it in to be worked on. this is it. it hasn't changed one bit. only the pedals. the rest of the bike is exactly the same as the day i sold it to him 7 years ago. it's even better than i remember. no wonder i was fast!

1 comment:

Dan Schmatz said...

In my opinion that is the best riding hardtail ever.