Sunday, July 01, 2007

where oh where....?

the other night i got undressed, streched, brushed my teeth and almost got into bed when...rosco? rosco? where are you buddy? i guess he never came back in after i let him out last.

i went downstairs, peeked out the back door and in the dark i could see the little hunter crouched down on the edge of the deck. he must've had something in his sights, because the sound of me opening the door didn't phase him. i watched him for a minute, then grabbed the camera. he still didn't flinch. i let him be and grabbed a drink of water from the kitchen. when i got back, he was still in the same position. finally, i called him to come in and he popped up and came to bed.

he was looking pretty intense, but i guess bed sounded better.

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