Sunday, July 01, 2007

i splurged

yes, i know that my kids need to go to college and we need a screen door on the front of the house...i need to get my 30,000 service on the family truckster...rosco needs his shots, probably rocky, too. but i've got a problem.

i always ride way too hard. i can't seem to ride at an easy tempo. if the road goes up, the pedals start pushing and i push back. i have no sense of exersion.

it's a lame excuse, but i need a coach on the bike as well as one off the bike. i have the regular coach thing covered very well, but when i'm on the bike, all of his great info goes out the window and i'm pinned again. i borrowed a power tap over the winter and i liked it, but shunned it because i didn't want to become addicted to it's info. after thinking long and hard about what i would need to keep me focused on the bike, i decided to get the whole shooting match again for myself.

i got the pro model, not the wireless. it gives you wattage, speed, cadence, heartrate, milage, and the max and average of all of those, too. the ride i did at the lake this weekend was a good, hard jaunt that was great to see graphed out on the computer once i downloaded it at home.

gadgety? probably. but if having something along to temper my bad habits is bad, i don't want to be good.

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