Sunday, July 29, 2007

me and my little buddy

the beautiful mrs k and i had to work on saturday and leave the little guy with a sitter. we usually feel sorry for sitters when they have to watch elijah for more than a couple of hours. he's a wonderful baby boy, but most people aren't prepared for the level of attention he requires. but, i guess that's what they get paid for, right? come to find out, he was pretty good for the sitter on saturday.

eli has had another ear infection for the last few days, so he has been particularly pissy. we've been giving him ear drops and it's helped, but that hasn't stopped him from being up during the night a LOT over the past week. rocky, our hefty dalmation, took that a step further and showcased an impressive case of explosive diarhea for us when we arrived home friday, and several times during the night, too. let's just say we have been quite friendly with bleach and strong floor cleaners this weekend. on the plus side, the floors have never been so clean!!

after a long weekend, mommy gave eli his bath and he sat with me at the computer for a few minutes. i showed him pictures on the blog of hanna, tyson, the dogs, and himself. that kept him quite entertained. i'm pretty sure he attempted to say 'rosco' when i brought up the little furry fella's photos. now he is sound asleep, and it isn't even 10pm. hopefully that means mrs k and i will get some much needed sleep tonight ourselves.

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