Sunday, July 22, 2007

swing around fun town

the beautiful mrs k and i took the older kids to the thriving metropolis of fenton for a good time at swing around fun town. yes, i know even the name says fun. first, we plopped into the hopelessly unnavigable bumper boats. we sprayed each other with the water guns, bashed our boats into unsuspecting kids boats, and were doused by some kid whose spray gun worked so much better than our pathetic squirters. here, you can see that we are wet and happy.
after a few hits in the batting cages, we were dry enough to try the go carts. the kids were too small to drive themselves, so deanna and i had to be the drivers. my superior driving skills allowed hanna and i to pass mrs k and tyson and keep them at bay. (helping matters was her abnormally slow cart, which almost ground to a halt each lap as we went up the over-under overpass.) hanna and i did another session, holding the lead on everyone until the last lap, while deanna and tyson went inside to climb the wall. here, the happy crew readies themselves for some hot lapping. tyson, obviously having just swallowed a june bug, puts on his best available smile.

it's no surprise that hanna got the dark greek coloring from our ancestors, but she has taken the tan thing to a whole new level this summer with around the clock swimming. we didn't really understand the 5-point harness thing, so we buckled what we had and pulled them tight. this was the maggie moo's finest, sporting at least 3 or 4 horsepower. i was supposed to take a picture of mrs k and tyson, but we were wisked off the starting line and into the session before we could get the job done.

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