Wednesday, July 11, 2007

bike riding, training, yard sales

monday was supposed to be a tough ride, but it wasn't going to happen. not just because i was tired from the weekend, but because we've got a house full of kids. logistically, it was just too tough. so i rode the trainer after the kids went to bed. yeah, i know. but i needed to spin the legs out, and so i did. and i couldn't fall asleep until 3am. lesson learned.

tuesday the beautiful mrs k needed a run to happen, so i saddled up the kids and put eli in the trailer and rode along with her over to grandma's. it was a pleasant ride, with eli really enjoying himself. mrs k ran faster than normal, too, keeping up with us on our bikes most of the time. tyson yard saled pretty good about mid-ride, just too keep things interesting. a little road rash never killed anyone, right? after the kids were gone and mrs k left for work, i went for a very easy ride, only an hour. it was still a nice morning, and it felt great to be out on the bike.

today was a nightmare. hectic day at work, deanna had the women's ride in the morning, had a meeting with a rep at opening, kids were off to grandma's, family pictures at a two-a-day interval day. i didn't have enough time this morning to do my whole routine, so i cut it in half and did an hour this morning and and hour and a half riding home. multiple five and ten minute intervals, so i did the 5's this morning and the 10's on the way home. my power seems to be coming right along, and recovery is right there, too. i feel like i'm actually training instead of spinning cranks!

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