Friday, July 27, 2007

old guy training stuff

this week was a good week for me. i did a smorgasbord of intervals on tuesday. my first course was 20 on/40 off, which i devoured pretty well. i rode from home to work, taking the long way through castlewood so i could do the intervals on keifer creek.

after the short intervals, i treated myself to 20 minute intervals. actually, 18 and 19 minute intervals, since it's nearly impossible to find that sort of uninterrupted road. those were harder, simply because i was calculating where and how to continue the interval without slowing or easing up my pace. the power meter has become and indispensable tool for things like this. i'm learning what good numbers are and what stupid numbers are. for me, most of the time 300 is a good number, and 600 is never a good number. good numbers are ones that i can sustain for a given period of time, not so good numbers, well, you get the picture.

wednesday was a knock down ride at the 'wood. i did every hill in the park and then did 'em backward, all the while keeping an eye on the effort so as not to blow. i was cooked. speaking of wednesday, i took my first vacation day of 2007. i rode, and then attempted to straighten the house. the house is still crooked.

thursday, i woke up tired as hell. i came so close to not riding, but i forged ahead and did my minute on/minute off intervals. turns out, i set a new personal one minute power record. the workout was fantastic, and the numbers backed it up. woo, hoo!

this concludes your mandatory old guy training seminar....

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