Thursday, July 19, 2007

life gets in the way

life has somehow gotten in the way of my entries here. that's ok, it's just hard to remember where i left off without actually reading up on myself.

mrs k and i have been thouroughly worn out by eli. he is so energized at 9:30pm, right when we are just about spent from the day. plus, with us both training, we don't have a whole lot of extra energy to chase him around while he destroys the house. he really does turn into the daddy's boy when i get home from work. that makes me feel really good. he's such a sweet little tazmanian devil.

my training this week has been exceptionally hard. harder than usual, i suppose is a better way to put it. i did long intervals on tuesday (good, hard), a killer hill ride with peanut on wednesday (great, harder), and a short, intense interval day today (good, hard). i'm ready for a rest, although i know i have made some major improvements. in last nights ride, my climbing was strong, and my recovery from the climbs was even better. yay, me!

mrs k continued her wednesday morning rides this week. she added a nice hilly loop along with the flat one that is usually in the ride. i think the combination of marathon training and cycling is making her out to be quite the tough one. i'm just waiting for the day that she pins on a number to do a bike race.

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