Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pay now or later?

i had a 2-3 hour hard ride with intervals scheduled for saturday. i waited until mrs k and the kids were off to the pool and headed out. of course, by 1pm it was 90 degrees. but, it was a dry heat...

i went down to jeff co to hit some little mountains. it's so scenic down there, and the hills are plentiful. i pedaled into gravois bluffs off of 141 in search of saline road. i like the multiple walls along saline, especially trailer park, the 100 yard long straight up slog. i got cocky there, seeing 650 watts on the power tap. there is a saying that goes something like, 'you can pay now or you can pay later, just be sure to realize that you're gonna pay...'

the next stop, after climbing out of jeff co, was meramec bottom road to do some 5 minute on/off intervals. it was unusually busy, so i had to dodge and be dodged by cars. i didn't do badly, but began to feel the effects of the 650 watt nonsense on trailer park. i limped home up kerth and eventually through south county. this was definitely the pay later part.

i mowed the lawn as penance for my idiocy on the climbs. i hadn't mowed for a couple of weeks, and it was shin high in the back yard. no snakes, though. i had four yard waste bags of grass by the time i was done. i think i'll mow the yard more regularly. what was that about paying now or paying later?

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