Sunday, July 22, 2007

tour day france

since the tour started a couple of weeks ago, our household has been glued to the tv most every night. yes, mrs k, tyson, hanna and even eli. eli mostly wrecks the place while we watch, but he is present.

i like the morning coverage, but we usually have too much going on in the morning and i have to cut it short of the finish anyway. but the weekends have been great. great as a fan, i guess you'd say. with eli having two mornings in a row to wreck the house, the house isn't so great. we watched on the edges of our seats on saturday as vino took the stage and all comers. and i watched with horror as kloden went down, and skeletor (i mean rassmussen) DIDN'T lose as much time as i hoped. forgive my harshness toward skeletor. i was a fan when he was a world cup off-roader, but not so much of a fan as he has turned to the road.

anyway, this morning was about the most fun anyone could have while watching tv. (debatable, yes...) the attacks and counters that were going on towards the plateau de bille were phenomenal. the mrs and i let out a great big hoot when contador swooped in and won the stage, and soler came in 3rd. we were a bit bummed for cadel, but happy that levi picked up his game and came in 4th.

there are no 3 weeks in television like these. even if you can't stand bob roll.

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